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Improve sales with expert coaching advice

Private sales coaching increases your business’s revenue.

Sales coaching can be conducted in several different ways, including large seminars with a guest speaker, or working with a few other businesses and a coach to learn more sales tactics. While both options can teach your sales team general tips, they likely won’t yield the same dynamic results as private sales coaching.


XMA has observed this, because we have created a consulting service that was inspired by the world recognized model of Xerox. Participants in our coaching sessions strengthen their skills and sense of belonging by equipping themselves with the tools indisposable for surpassing growth objectives. 


So how is it that private sales coaching can do all this? Well, unlike your other sales coaching options, private coaching has an expert work one-on-one or in a small group setting to give sales tips that are personalized. By considering the factors that will directly impact your team, such as the industry you’re in and the customers you’ll be working with, the coach can come up with strategic, personalized sales advice.

By working in a smaller group setting, your team will also get the chance to ask more questions and receive extensive feedback on how they’re performing throughout the coaching session. The coach will help your sales team figure out the best ways to not only close on sales, but also how to improve productivity, manage priorities, and improve employee retention.

With years of experience under their belts, private sales coaches are one of the superior coaching options. Here are some ways that they can help your team become more successful!

Private Sales Coaching Improves Sales 

Private sales coaching can improve your sales significantly. With the help of a sales coach, your team can operate more successfully than ever. There will be significant boosts in productivity, as team members gain more confidence in their roles, and in turn create a working environment that’s fuelled by increased positivity. These improvements in your office’s internal operations will yield better sales results.


Armed with their sales tips from their private coach, your sales team will be able to forge stronger relationships with customers and boost your company’s sales. Effective coaching has been shown to improve sales performance, with the right methods unlocking an 8% improvement according to a report by Gartner (Gartner, 2021).

In the world of online sales, reps need help navigating the intricacies of selling. Finding the right strategies alone is difficult, and general research can only offer so much. With the help of a private coach, your sales team will learn more industry applicable pointers for sales. This can improve customer satisfaction and revenue through both online and offline streams. 


Private Sales Coaching Creates a More Positive Working Environment

Negative thoughts can be the downfall of many people. And getting stuck in a loop of negative self-talk is nearly impossible to get out of alone. For salespeople, this negativity could come from a lack of confidence in their role or uncertainty about their importance in the business on a grand scale. Customer involvement is also of great importance in the satisfaction of your sales team, because the more that your employees see themselves confronted with refusals, the less confidence they will have in their skills..


As your sales team members face negative reactions, their productivity and results suffer.  This engenders a regrettable vicious circle, where negativity feeds more pessimism. For an employee who struggles to feel valued at work, finding someone with whom to share their concerns seem an insurmountable task.


Members of your sales team could be caught in this unfortunate downward spiral, and it's likely poorly impacting employee retention and the morale of the team. Upset team members feeling burnout are less inclined to notice that their fellow team members are struggling too. Such sentiments can create a more hostile working environment, causing increases in employee turnover rates and decreases in employee satisfaction. 


High employee turnover rates can be one of the most detrimental things a business can experience. Over 63.3% of companies in the past said that retaining employees is harder than hiring them (Zenefits, 2020)—a fact that’s unsurprising when one considers that over 85% of employees don’t feel engaged at their workplace (Haiilo, 2023).

Sending someone who’s caught in such anxieties to a large seminar to improve their workplace engagement might feel like the right choice, as they can connect with people outside the company, but it’s probably not the best option. Your sales team member is more likely than ever to feel lost in the crowd and overlooked. In comparison, a private sales coach is there to work with that one specific employee or group of employees and will make sure that each individual present is heard.

Private sales coaching can open the floor up to important discussions surrounding employee happiness. It will show your sales team that they’re not alone in their concerns and create a more supportive working environment. An understanding expert lending an ear is not just helpful emotionally but will also serve to improve problem-solving skills applicable for their field and change the focus of your team to a more positive one.


Private Sales Coaching Empowers Your Sales Team

By working with a trained private sales coach, you’ll be preparing your team for success. The coach can teach each team member tricks for improving their overall sales tactics, encourage your sales team to take more initiative, and help each individual grow professionally. With each new tool that your sales team learns, your employees will feel more engaged with their work.

Knowing is half the battle, as they say, and these new strategies can open many doors for your business. An employee who feels more connected with their role is one who’s more empowered. The more employees you have who feel engaged with their role, the more profitable your business, with a possible 21% increase (Haiilo, 2023). This understanding creates a new boost in confidence, which means employees will be more likely to put their best foot forward without worry. They won’t be weighed down by concerns that they’re ill-equipped to close the deal, but rather they’ll have the tips from the private sales coach to fall back on.

If you could get a proven boost to your sales and decrease in turnover rates, why wouldn’t you take it? If you’re looking for expert sales coaches to help your team today, consider reaching out to the XMA team. We have several sales coaching options available, including private coaching, which can help your sales team better achieve their goals.

Support your sales team today with private sales coaching. Contact us to learn more.

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