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Nathalie Beaumier

My pride lies in hiring people who are motivated and dedicated to realizing their dream of a job that matches their talent. Together, we think big and find solutions!

Nathalie Beaumier
Operations Director

At XMA, you benefit from the opportunities offered by SMEs while being immersed in a young, dynamic atmosphere. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to be part of something extraordinary.

Cassandra Levac
Marketing Director

XMA was like a revelation for me. I was able to realize my Canadian Dream in a professional, dynamic environment with a lot of support within the company.

Ugur Dogan
Western Sales Manager

Throughout my career, I've explored various roles that have enriched my professional growth, all in an exceptional corporate atmosphere.

Renaud Nadon
Program Director - Digital Transformation

XMA offered me an opportunity for growth and a promising career projection. I quickly became part of a wonderful professional community that supports me in my role and encourages me to evolve.

Guislain Pierre
Vertical Account Director

The synergy at XMA is incomparable to anything I've experienced in the past. I feel privileged to be the manager of the Ottawa team because not only are the members of my team brilliant and hard-working, but they're also so much fun to be around!

Cynthia Martin
Ottawa Sales Manager
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