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Too much is like not enough

Maintaining relationships with multiple different suppliers is simply no longer optimal. On the other hand, centralizing processes with a single supplier can offer a number of advantages. More than anything, you're simplifying your daily operations by reducing the complexity of coordinating with multiple partners. Also, a central supplier can offer an overall vision and an integrated approach, facilitating communication and collaboration between the various parties involved.

Extra invoices mean extra work

The increasing number of invoices frequently results in an excessive administrative workload. Each new invoice generates a set of procedures, from initial receipt, validation and document entry, to payment management and updating of financial records. This multiplication of steps can quickly lead to operational inconsistencies, while amplifying the workload for teams dedicated to financial management. In short, it can be a lot.

The more, not the merrier

Multiple suppliers usually mean a whole lot of additional costs to consider. Optimize your costs by benefiting from scale economies and negotiating preferential rates for bundled services from a single supplier. Centralization also enhances process consistency, guaranteeing consistent quality and increased compliance.

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